We can differentiate ourselves by race, color, language, wealth and politics; But consider what we have in common: dreams, laughter, tears, pride, the comfort of a home and the desire to love. If I could photograph these universal truths ...

                                                                                                                                                                                                            WAYNE MILLER

TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS: A crude attempt to usurp life of the infinitesimal parts of its Time- that uncompassionate God- to reconstruct it in whimsical combinations of black and white, of lights and shadows; creating imaginary windows into the outer and inner world.

When I ask myself why I take photos of people, why I almost never take them of objects or landscapes, I always obtain the same answer: it’s only a matter of luck, or time, that I’m not that tattooed elderly with wrinkles who dozes in the sun, or that child trying to survive in a world incomprehensible to him, or that beggar who can barely live to see the light of next day or even that rich person who looks downwardly on everyone else.

The value of a photograph is not placed in the author, but in it its protagonists, who tolerate and accept our presence, who permit our insolence and, once they’ve been captured on paper, and oblivious to the passing of time, let themselves be observed; like mirrors, which reflect an unknown part of ourselves.


An image, even an excellent one, is in the reach of anyone: one click, a secret algorithm, the adequate filter…

A photograph, even a bad one, is the final conclusion of a long process. A previous idea, a critical reflection, an intention and its existence in a physical medium where sight, heart and touch compete to comprehend it.

A digital image is as far away from photography as this latter one is from the subject of the photo itself. Unfortunately, the digital world doesn’t deal with photographs or subjects.


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