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01 | Berlin by Matschinsky-Denninghoff, Tauentzienstraße, Berlín 2023. | The Giant Broken Chain expresses the division of Berlin during the GDR era and was destined to symbolise the severed connections between the West and East Berlin due to the construction of the wall.

02 | Postdamer Platz, Berlin 2023.

03 | Reichstag Dome, Republic Square, Berlin 2023. | Designed by Norman Foster, the dome of the Reichstag, located just above the Bundestag, symbolises German reunification with its futuristic design and, at the same time, a commitment to separate today's Berlin from its past.

04 | The river Spree with the cathedral in the background, Berlin 2023. | A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, the Museum Island in the heart of Berlin is home to, among others, five major museums of international renown built under the Prussian monarchs as well as the city's cathedral.

05 | Head of a princess, ancient Egypt, new empire, 18th dynasty, ca. 1345 BC. | Neues Museum, Museum Island, Berlin 2023.

06 | Christmas market at Alexanderplatz . Niederkirchenstrase , Berlin Wall, Berlin 2023. | People escaping from the GDR through the windows of their appartments to the pavement of Bernauer Straße Bernauer Straße , through which the Berlin Wall passed, became famous for the leaks from the windows of the flat blocks in the eastern part of the city to the street in the west.

07 | Brandenburg Gate, Berlin 2023. | Victims of Nazism: In the center Galina Fjodorowna Romanowa condemned to forced labour and Jewish families: on the right Lova Aig with his wife Zila and their daughter Eleonora, Minsk 1936 , on the left Edmund and Gertrude Turteltaub with their elder son Hans.

08 | Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus seen from the memorial of the white crosses, Berlin 2023. | Adolf Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf, laid out his National Socialist ideology and revealed an explicitly ultra-nationalist and anti-Semitic view of human history, which, combined with his evolutionary humanism, promoted a policy of systematic and massive discrimination and extermination of political enemies and people considered racially ‘inferior’ or even ‘subhuman’ ...

09 | Möckernstraße , Tempodrom, Kreuzberg quarter , Berlin 2023. | Heinrich Himmler - builder of the extermination camps, supervisor of the concentration camps and responsible for the killing of around 6 million Jews - and some of his commanders Reinhard Heydrich, Karl Wolff and Werner Lorenz.

10 | Tauentzienstraße with the sculpture Berlin | Gestapo officers patrolling Berlin. After being destroyed in World War II, the Evangelical Lutheran Kaiser -in the background- has been preserved in a state of ruin as a memorial.

11 | Bridge over the Spree, Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin 2023. | Gestapo agents patrolling Berlin. The Gestapo was the official secret police of Nazi Germany. A 1936 regulation governing its activities placed it above the law by excluding it from any form of jurisdictional control. Its modus operandi was based primarily on Schutzhaft or preventive custody, a euphemism for imprisonment without legal proceedings.

12 | Journey Oranienburg (Sachsenhausen) Berlin 2023. | Iwanowitsch Rajbteschenko Nazi victim sentenced to forced labour. Police photos and identification plaques of Emma Reinhard deported and murdered in Auschwitz and Valentin Kling deported and murdered in Auschwitz.

13 | Alexanderplatz metro station Berlin 2023. | Jews led by the Gestapo to the assembly point, moments before being deported on 22 October 1940. In the operation more than 5600 Jews were transported in special trains to the Gurs camp in the part of France not yet occupied by the Wehrmacht. The photo was taken by the Criminal Investigation Police officer Gustav Kühner involved in the operation.

14 | Simsonweg , Großer Tiergarten Park, Berlin 2023. | Prisoners of a labour brigade in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, around February 1941.

15 | Street violinist Sachsenhausen 2023. | A prisoner is photographed as part of the admission process to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, around February 1941.

16 | Cora-Berliner-Straße , Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin 2023. | Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto between November 1940 and May 1943.

17 | Mauerpark, Bernauer straße, Berlin 2023. | German children presenting the Nazi salute near Nuremberg (around 1935). The photo was taken by a Nazi party official during a trip to the Reich Party Congress in Nuremberg.

18 | Walk along Adalbertstraße, in the background the Evangelical Church of St. Thomas, Berlin 2023. | The victims of the Nuremberg Race Laws, which targeted Jews and marriages between Jews and Germans, were publicly humiliated with posters such as "I dishonour the race".

19 | Christmas market at Potsdamerplatz, Berlin 2023. | Theo de Jooden sentenced to forced labour by the Nazi regime.

20 | Food stall at Potsdamerplatz, Berlin 2023. | Hildegard Simon and August Froilan sentenced to forced labour by the nazi regime.

21 | Around Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2023. | Karel Kakes sentenced to forced labour by the Nazi regime.

22 | Engeika, by Fin DAC Kopenicker Straße Kreuzberg, Berlin 2023. | Two German women accused of intimate contacts with prisoners of war are publicly humiliated by members of the SA and Nazi party officials. Vogtland 4 October 1941. After having shaved their heads, they were led through the city to the pillory. The posters around their necks read: "I have been expelled from the Volk community for having consorted with prisoners of war.

23 | Daphne and Apollo by F. Bosoletti and Y. Jarus, Gitschiner Straße, Kreuzberg, Berlin 2023. | Jewish family, Minsk 1939. Mordechai Kaplan and his wife Mania Kaplan, née Aig, with their daughter Larissa. Musgshot by Maria Kawecka sentenced to forced labour by the Nazi regime.

24 |“All pigs must die” Anarcho-punk Cultural Centre Köpi, Köpenicker Straße, Mitte, Berlin 2023. | The Führer as he appeared in the propaganda of the regime: "Our joy, our gratitude". His vision of the world and his extensive network of necessary collaborators that shaped the Third Reich led to the death of some twelve million people, around six million of whom were Jews,to whom was applied the plan known as The Final Solution and later called the Holocaust. Members of the SD Security Police.

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