Plato described the situation in his "Myth of the Cave" 2400 years ago with the own mastery of geniuses.

Subjected to the media dictatorship and professional opinion makers, we create ourselves an image of the world closer to the shadows of the cave than to the stubborn reality.

The USA made Iran one of its main enemies since the triumph of the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini in 1979. That position has been maintained over time with varied intensity, not depending on the evolution of the recent history of the Iranian people but rather of the whims and strategic circumstances of the own USA in the gulf countries.

In January 2002, George W. Bush included Iran in the so-called axis of evil in his speech on the State of the Union.

In that speech he affirmed that "[Our objective] is to prevent regimes that support terror from threaten us [the United States] or our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction. ...... Iran moves vigorously behind these weapons and exports terror, while a few of them, that have not been elected, repress the desire for freedom of the Iranian people. "

Blinded by our irrational servitude, we have assumed that an accusation of such caliber had been meditated for a long time. But, as some of his advisers subsequently confirmed, the phrase, in fact, was the result of causality since his only initial objective was to link Iraq to terrorism. Iran and North Korea ended up included for circumstantial reasons or simply rhetorical in that famous speech.

For several decades we have lived, permanently, insistently even subliminally with the shadow projected on Iran. A shadow that extends upon its regime and, by extension, upon its people as if they were both the same entity, as if both were not, to a large extent, the two opposite sides of the same coin.

Malcolm X allied himself, perhaps without foreseeing it, with Plato when he said "If you aren't alerted against the media, they will make you love the oppressor and hate the oppressed"

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